Disconnect to Reconnect covered by WINK News

Disconnect to Reconnect covered by WINK News

A Fresh Approach to Family Time

Brooks Burgers, a beloved local restaurant chain in Naples, Florida, is pioneering a unique promotion aimed at fostering genuine human interaction during mealtimes. This family-friendly restaurant is offering a compelling 10% discount to patrons who willingly lock up their smartphones while enjoying their meal. The catch? Everyone at the table has to participate and refrain from using their phones throughout their time at the restaurant. The initiative is available at both the Vanderbilt and downtown Naples Brooks Burgers locations from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Brainchild of Todd Brooks

The creative idea came to Todd Brooks, the owner of Brooks Burgers, in an ironic fashion. “I tripped over the cell phone jail when I was Googling or surfing the web,” Todd revealed in an interview with WINK News. “I started laughing when I saw it because I thought of my own kids. I was like, ‘You know what, that’d be a great thing to do at the restaurant.’ It’s a way to make parents spend some quality time with their kids, and for the kids to put down their phones and actually engage in a conversation.”

More Than Just a Meal

Brooks Burgers is already well-known for its mouth-watering burgers, cozy atmosphere, and excellent customer service. Adding to these traits, the restaurant is now going one step further by cultivating an environment conducive to real-world conversations and relationships. With most people’s faces often buried in screens during meals, Brooks is providing a unique opportunity for people to look up, lock away distractions, and focus on those sitting right across the table. It’s a simple yet powerful way to rediscover the joy of interpersonal interaction—something that Todd feels is getting lost amid the digital noise.

From Novelty to Necessity

What started as a fun, novel idea has now evolved into a necessary conversation starter about the place technology holds in our lives. This promotion isn’t just another marketing gimmick; it’s a social experiment of sorts. Todd wants people to realize the value of direct human contact, especially in a family setting. The reaction from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents are delighted to see their children look up from their screens and engage in face-to-face dialogue, and couples are enjoying a new level of intimacy in their conversations. In fact, some customers have noted that they were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable their dining experience was without the constant interruption of phone notifications.

A Model for Others to Follow

Brooks Burgers may be a local establishment, but its endeavor carries a universal message about balance in the age of technology. The “Disconnect to Reconnect” promotion is more than just a discount; it’s a statement about the importance of cherishing the irreplaceable moments that come from personal interactions. Todd Brooks believes that by encouraging people to pause and connect in a meaningful way, we can all reclaim a slice of humanity that is gradually fading away. With initiatives like this, Brooks Burgers not only solidifies its reputation as a top-quality dining establishment but also takes on a role as a catalyst for societal change, one meal at a time.


Disconnect to Reconnect: Mealtime UnpluggedExclusively at Downtown and Vanderbilt every Monday and Tuesday 4p to close

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