About Us: The Brooks Family Journey

The Brooks Burgers Legacy…

In the heart of Naples, Florida, where the sun smiles benevolently and the Gulf of Mexico whispers promises of endless summers, Todd Brooks and his family planted a seed of culinary passion that blossomed into what you know today as Brooks Burgers and The Brooks Family of restaurants.

The odyssey began years ago when Todd, armed with a dream and a secret burger recipe, set out to elevate America’s favorite comfort food to gourmet levels. What started as a humble eatery has now grown into a gastronomic empire, driven by a commitment to quality, community, and the simple joys of a well-crafted burger. At Brooks Burgers, every patty, every bun, and every condiment tells a story of dedication, and it’s a story we share with you in every bite.

When you step into any of our locations—be it our original flagship in Downtown Naples, the beachy Brooks Burgers Vanderbilt, or the expansive Brooks Grill & Tavern—you’re stepping into an extension of the Brooks home. The familiar aroma of sizzling beef on the grill, the clatter of dishes and laughter filling the air, and our welcoming staff, are all carefully curated elements designed to make you feel like family.

Todd and his family have become community pillars in Naples, embracing local collaborations and initiatives that go far beyond the culinary world. By sourcing local ingredients and investing in sustainable practices, we take pride in being conscientious restaurateurs. It’s not just about serving great food; it’s about serving a greater purpose.

From romantic dinners and family gatherings to community events, Brooks Burgers and The Brooks Family of restaurants offer more than just a meal. We offer a shared experience of hometown warmth and gourmet flair, wrapped in an atmosphere that speaks of uncompromising quality and service.

So, come discover why South West Florida can’t stop talking about us. We’re not just making burgers; we’re making memories. Come, be a part of our story.

With heartfelt gratitude, Todd Brooks & The Brooks Family

Meet Us

One of the key factors that make Brooks Burgers the go-to spot for family dining is its versatile menu that caters to all ages. From a range of mouth-watering burgers to an assortment of other culinary delights, there’s something for everyone at Brooks. But beyond the menu, it’s the inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and the sense of belonging that keeps families coming back. Here, every guest is treated like a part of the Brooks family, and it’s this warmth that truly makes it Naples, Florida’s favorite place for family dining.

From Our Family to Yours…

Come enjoy delicious food with an extended menu AND including all the Brooks Burgers you know and love… Visiting Naples? Even better – prepare to experience what eating at the #2 Burger Joint in the nation is like for the very first time.
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